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  2. Grey’s Anatomy, Flashpoint, and Who knows how many others — January 10, 2018
  3. “Daddy, daddy, the house is on fire!” “Not now, sweetie, the game’s on.” — January 3, 2018
  4. Toller Cranston on Janet Lynn — January 1, 2018
  5. I am Mary, Chris Wind — December 25, 2017

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Jan 17

Mainstream and Alternative – misnomers!

So I was browsing the movie collection at my online DVD rental site and feeling so very tired and bored with movies by men, about men, for men.  My request list had dwindled to almost zero, and I wasn’t finding anything I was interested in.  So I decided to check out the “Alternative” section for …

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Jan 10

Grey’s Anatomy, Flashpoint, and Who knows how many others

[a little old…guess who finally got to be Chief of Surgery!]


Why didn’t Bailey get the Chief of Surgery position?

For the same reason Ed jokingly says to Greg, when he questions his rank, “Should I get you a dress?”—and they both laugh.

Because in 2012 being a woman is (still) (STILL!) (STILL!) (STILL!) …

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Jan 03

“Daddy, daddy, the house is on fire!” “Not now, sweetie, the game’s on.”

So about this guy in Taiwan who drops his child in order to catch a foul ball at a baseball game…

I don’t know whether to be more appalled at the man’s action or at the media’s framing of it.

Am I appalled that we condition our males to value sports over parenting? That they’d …

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Jan 01

Toller Cranston on Janet Lynn

[obviously written a while ago, but this shit keeps happening…]


Toller Cranston, as Janet Lynn takes the ice: “You wouldn’t know by looking at her that she’s a housewife and mother of three.”


Would he have said of Kurt Browning, “You wouldn’t know by looking at him that he does stuff around the …

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Dec 25

I am Mary, Chris Wind

from Thus Saith Eve, by Chris Wind I am Mary

mother of God. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now—it’s immortalized. I am indelibly identified by my relationship to a male: all of me has been denied, except that one part. And yet even that part has not been accorded full status: …

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Dec 22

The Last Man on Earth explains everything

The Last Man on Earth explains everything.  But he’s too stupid, too infantile, and too self-centered, to know it.  Which is exactly why he explains everything.


1. He enjoys knocking things over, breaking things, destroying things.

He rams his grocery cart into a pyramid of cans.  He rolls bowling balls into a row of …

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Dec 17

Artificial Intelligence Indeed (Ex Machina)

So I first heard of the movie Ex Machina when I read a review (by Chris DiCarlo) in Humanist Perspectives—and was so disgusted that I wrote a letter to the editor.  Why?  Because the reviewer had revealed his own misogyny by failing to address the elephant in the room: the fact that the body the …

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Dec 13

a couple poems from UnMythed, by Chris Wind

from UnMythed, by Chris Wind




she unwraps the traditional gifts: first, the brush-comb-and-mirror set, pale pink marbling with gilded edges— they lie heavy in her hand; then the jewelry box, gold and cream lined with velvet— it plays “Fascination”

the new thirteen-year-old hands them back to her mother and says “Narcissus was a …

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Dec 08

The Waiting-for-the-Elevator Thing

So I’m sure this has happened at least once to every woman.  You’re standing in front of an elevator, waiting for it, and a man comes up and presses the button.

Oh is that what that’s for?  I saw the button, with an upward-pointing arrow, and I understand that elevators go up, but you know, …

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Dec 04

Imagine that …

…all males had to have their DNA on file with the government.

…all newborns had to have their paternity established by law.

…all males discovered to be fathers had their wages garnished at the source to support the mother of the child for six years (assuming she would be the one to be with the …

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