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This is a feminist blog, but blog entries are typically written from a radfem standpoint: radical feminists challenge, undermine, resist, dismantle, and generally fuck with the patriarchy, wherein the male/masculine is privileged and the female/feminine is subordinated.

That said, and notwithstanding the title of this blog, I have to say that I find it unfortunate that the described perspective is called “radical feminism”.  “Feminism” and “feminist” sound pro-female, even pro-feminine.  I am no more pro-female, let alone pro-feminine, than I am anti-male.

What I am is anti-gender.  More specifically, I object to:

(1) gender conceived as a dichotomy, masculine on one side and feminine on the other side

(2) gender aligned with sex: male=masculine and female=feminine

(3) sex as the basis of a hierarchy (so I’m definitely anti-sexism too)

(4) gender conceived as a bundle of attributes

(5) people who accept and perpetuate (1) – (4)

Note that reconceptualizing gender not as a bundle would, of course, dissolve the concept altogether: if one could be aggressive and sensitive or like weight-lifting and knitting, then ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ would no longer have any meaning.  (Which would render the first three objections moot.)  This is why ‘gender outlaws’ or androgynes are so threatening.

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