Sexist Shit That Pisses Me Off – 2nd edn

The title says it all.  A collection of close to two hundred exposes and analyses of everyday sexist shit (and gender shit, since gender is aligned with sex) that pisses me off.

Philosophy with an attitude.  Because the unexamined life is dangerous.

Includes pieces previously published in The Philosophers’ Magazine, Philosophy Now, Herizons,, Humanist in Canada, and Victoria Times Colonist, as well as a great many previously unpublished pieces.

Magenta 2021


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“Although Tittle has an extensive publishing history, Sexist Shit that Pisses Me Off is my introduction to her thoughtful and thought-provoking essays.  … The author’s writing style suited me well. It carried me right along from start to finish; I would normally call it an easy read, except it’s not. The title should clue the reader that these are not happy topics or happy essays. I would read a couple of pieces and then needed a breather. I had to step away from the book to think and calm my thoughts. Things hit home, some things that I’d never put words to myself.  … I want to say that this book is for everyone but for various reasons, it is not. Some people will never be open to even the most apparent issues. For the rest, I recommend this book be read slowly, a little bit at a time; there’s so much to take in, and the emotional impact can be intense.  Sexist Shit that Pisses Me Off would be a great book to share with family, friends, and a book club.” Karen Siddall, Goodreads

“The title says it all.  It’s true. … These things are sexist and they do need to change. … I recommend this book to both women and men. It will open your eyes to a lot of sexist – and archaic – behaviors.”  4/5 stars, Evie, Goodreads

“Woh.  This book is freaking awesome and I demand a sequel.”  5/5 stars (about the first edition)