About this blog

This is a feminist blog, but blog entries are typically written from a radfem standpoint: radical feminists challenge, undermine, resist, dismantle, and generally fuck with our sexist society, wherein the male/masculine is privileged and the female/feminine is subordinated.

That said, and notwithstanding the title of this blog, I have to say that I find it unfortunate that the described perspective is called “radical feminism”.  “Feminism” and “feminist” sound pro-female, even pro-feminine.  I am no more pro-female, let alone pro-feminine, than I am anti-male.

What I am is anti-gender.  More specifically, I object to:

(1) gender conceived as a dichotomy, masculine on one side and feminine on the other side

(2) gender aligned with sex: male=masculine and female=feminine

I’m also anti-sexism:

(3) sex as the basis of a hierarchy

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