Tubal Ligation vs. Vasectomy. Hm.

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If men aren’t doing it, it’s probably not ’empowering’ or powerful.

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Porn for Women

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What if all news were written this way?

From the RadFem News Service

the news, without the male-supremacist spin

(LOVE that!)

“Today, one Dr. Frank Ochberg, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Michigan State University and former Associate Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, reports for CNN that boys and men are responsible for almost all school shootings, consistently, around the world. …”

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Why is it they can’t even SAY ‘rape’?

Why is it they can’t even SAY ‘rape’? Ya gotta wonder.

And here’s an interesting answer: https://radfemworldnews.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/cnn-terminally-allergic-to-the-rape-word-even-when-reporting-on-rape-rape-slavery-rape-trafficking-and-child-rape/

Like night and day indeed.

2 women entrepreneurs who invented a fake male cofounder say acting through him was ‘like night and day’

“It was like night and day,” Dwyer told Titlow of working through Mann. “It would take me days to get a response, but Keith could not only get a response and a status update, but also be asked if he wanted anything else or if there was anything else that Keith needed help with.”

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MacKinnon on street harassment …

“Unwelcome sex talk is an unwelcome sex act.  When threatening, severe, or pervasive enough, it works to exclude and segregate and denigrate and subordinate and dehumanize, violating human dignity and denying equality of opportunity.” Only Words, Catharine MacKinnon, p45

So good to put into words what’s so problematic about it! (It’s not just annoying, it’s not just bothersome, it’s not just we can’t take a compliment, and on and on…)

Davina Squirrel on needing male allies

“‘But we need male allies’ you cry in defence. Nope! We don’t. … ‘Male allies’ have had six thousand years or longer to get their shit together. They are from the ruling class after all, so have more impact than females. …” 

from https://davinasquirrel.wordpress.com/2016/12/07/inclusive-is-bullshit/

Date Preparation in a Male Supremacy

“Men worry that their date won’t measure up to their aesthetic preferences.  Women worry that they’re going to wind up dead.” 

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