May 25


Why are cosmetics routinely sold in pharmacies?

That’s it. That’s my post. Any answers out there?

May 24


Brilliant bit from Rageagainstthemanchine

“Not to bring up Robert Jensen every three sentences, but he’s made a point that I find extremely salient when it comes to how porn affects women’s lives. If I have to go to court tomorrow, or I have to go discuss my career with my boss, or I have to work on a project at work or school with men, or I have to deal with a cop, or I have to rely in any way on a man in a position of authority to treat me fairly, shouldn’t it worry me to think he might have been watching a film the night before in which a woman has her head shoved into a toilet while someone uses her like a piece of toilet paper? I know some of you may say that the authority figure in question probably wouldn’t be equating me with the woman he jerked off to the night before, but can someone really suspend their sense of empathy long enough to jerk off to an image like that and then see me as an equal human being the next day? Doubtful. And men get together every day to make decisions that affect women’s lives. Men decide whether to promote women, whether to give them raises, whether to hire them, whether to take their claims of sexual harassment seriously, whether to pass a law that hurts or harms their rights to equal pay for equal work, safe and effective health care, etc. “

May 09


Impact – review copies available!

Impact presents an extended confrontation between a sexual assault victim and her assailants, as part of an imagined slightly revised court process, in order to understand why they did what they did and, on that basis, to make a recommendation to the court regarding sentence.  It does not go … as expected.


Apr 30


Why more men than women will die of the COVID virus

Why more men than women will die of the COVID virus:

1.  Cleanliness is a girl thing.  Real men don’t wash their hands.  (Certainly not several times a day.)

2. The home is the women’s cave.  So unless it comes with an attached garage, real men aren’t going to stay there all day.  (Certainly not all week, let alone all month …)

3. Many of the public health officials we’re hearing from are women.  Real men don’t listen to women.  They certainly don’t accept their advice. 

4.  Most men think they’re tough, so they figure they’re not going to get it.  (As if toughness, rather than, oh I don’t know, a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and low in beer and cigarettes, has anything to do with immunity to viral infections.)

5.  Most men are pack animals; they naturally herd together.  So they’re finding this whole do-not-congregate thing really hard.

Why more women than men will die of the COVID virus:

1.  The men they’re living with will get angry and frustrated (at whatever) and as a result  kill them.  (Because, you know, it’s their fault.)

Apr 21


Did men invent this?

So I’ve been talking with my friend about the effect on the internet (and computers in general) of the overwhelming male influence (the high percentage of male ITers, coders, what have you) and simultaneously formatting the blog-comments sections of my forthcoming novel Gender Fraud: a fiction and I realize the ‘reply’ design (widgets?) for comments are incredibly not up to the task: a back-and-forth conversation would result in a long horizontal stream which, after just a few exchanges, the replies wold have to be squished into a one-inch column. Better to have incorporated some sort of all-comments-on-a-subthread-are-aligned principle.

Which suggests two questions: Are men in general unaccustomed to extended conversational exchange? Is the ideal conversation for them, the imagined conversation, one in which a reply is a single blow that establishes victory, the end?

Apr 01


The Frightening Cluelessness of PoliSci Students

“I was studying political science at the time, so I had never thought about social processes like misogyny and sexism.”  What?  What?


Mar 18


It Wasn’t Enough (new feminist novel) – REVIEW COPIES AVAILABLE

It Wasn't Enough

Review copies of It Wasn’t Enough, a new novel by Peg Tittle, are now available! Please inquire:

Here’s the blurb: What if one day, all of the women suddenly disappeared? Without what it is that women do, what it is that women are — what would happen?

The novel was inspired by a comment made by mariguana at (mariguana, if you’re out there, please contact me!!), so they may be especially interested in posting a review.

Here are some reviews of my previous work:

“I read [What Happened to Tom] in one sitting, less than two hours, couldn’t put it down. Fantastic allegorical examination of the gendered aspects of unwanted pregnancy. A must-read for everyone, IMO.” Jessica, goodreads

“This powerful book plays with the gender gap to throw into high relief the infuriating havoc unwanted pregnancy can wreak on a woman’s life. Once you’ve read What Happened to Tom, you’ll never forget it.” Elizabeth Greene, author of Understories and Moving

“[Exile] is an interesting novella … Thought-provoking stuff, as usual from Peg Tittle.” James M. Fisher, The Miramichi Reader

“Woh. [Sexist Shit that Pisses Me Off] is freaking awesome and I demand a sequel.” Anonymous,

Mar 13


Among the things that don’t count …

[Bernadette Powell, a black woman from Ithaca, New York, is now serving a 15-year-to-life sentence … because in 1978 she shot and killed her ex-husband.]

[T]he Tompkins county prosecutor … argued … that [she] had no reason to fear bodily harm from her ex-husband because although the man admittedly had committed many violent acts against her—there were hospital emergency room records and eye-witnesses to prove it—his motivation was ‘sexual’.  In other words, a woman’s broken bones and broken spirit don’t count if the man who broke them had sex on his mind.”  (emphasis mine)

from “Family Matters,” Ann Jones

Mar 13


great stuff from Stoltenberg

…[T] male-dominated gay liberation movement never really grasped how homophobia is rooted in the woman hating that is a fixture of male supremacy.  Quite simply, the male homosexual is stigmatized because he is perceived to participate in the degraded status of the female …

The system of male supremacy requires gender polarity—with real men as different from real women as they can be …

The threat of homophobic insult or attack not only keeps men aimed at women as their appropriate sexual prey; it also keeps men ‘real men’.

The political reality of the gender hierarchy in male supremacy requires that we make it resonate through our nerves, flesh, and vascular system just as often as we can.  We are supposed to respond orgasmically to power and powerlessness, to violence and violatedness; our sexuality is supposed to be inhabited by a reverence for supremacy, for unjust power over and against other human life. We are not supposed to experience any other erotic possibility; we are not supposed to glimpse eroticized justice. … [Y]ou come to the point where you have to impose hierarchy on ever sex act you attempt—otherwise it doesn’t feel like sex.

from “You Can’t Fight Homophobia and Protect the Pornographers at the Same Time—An Analysis of What Went Wrong in Hardwick,” John Stoltenberg. 

Mar 10


How many men are addicted to porn?

How many men are addicted to porn?  We don’t know.  There are no visible symptoms.  No, that’s not true.  The visible symptoms are what we call normal behaviour.

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