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Whether or not any women hate any men, or whether some women hate all men, there is no man who can tell me that, as a consequence of “this feeling of man-hating that some women have”, women act on it by systematically shoving something violently into men’s body cavities in order to reach orgasm with the knowledge they are humiliating the man, seen as existing for such abuse. – Julian Real, A Radical Profeminist

If a man in our society is to love a woman, he must first elevate her in his imagination, make her an exception to the inferiority of all other women. This need is the basis for the false and romantic illusions perpetuated in our society with regard to love. – Maryon Kantaroff, “Breaking Out of the Female Mold” (Women in the Canadian Mosaic, ed. Gwen Matheson, 1976)

Like most people, he [Erving Goffman] is primarily thinking of the debilitating effect–on men— of being treated like a woman (as helpless, dependent, sexless, unreasonable–as ‘crazy’).  But what about the effect of being treated like a woman when you are a woman? – Phyllis Chesler, Women and Madness (1972)

I feel sorry for these girls but this is what I want. – man who buys sex from women, quoted in Men Who Buy Sex

Men who feel threatened by this movie are identifying with the wrong characters. — Geena Davis, about Thelma and Louise reported in “Smooth Ride for ‘Thelma & Louise'”, Kenneth Turan. L.A.Times, May 24, 1991, F1.

Men’s physiology defines most sports, their needs define auto and health insurance coverage, their socially designed biographies define workplace expectati0ns and successful career patterns, their perspectives and concerns define quality in scholarship, their experiences and obsessions define merit, their objectification of life defines art, their military service defines citizenship, their presence defines family, their inability to get along with each other–their wars and rulerships–defines history, their image defines god, and their genitals define sex. — Catharine a. MacKinnon, Difference and Dominance

The saddest, smelliest, most shambling male individual still imagines that women will find him attractive and is prepared to act on the assumption. — Germaine Greer, The Whole Woman (NY: Doubleday, 1999), p.291.
There are many reasons why men interrupt the speech of women … boys grow up assuming they have valuable information to impart.– Susan Brownmiller, Femininity (NY: Fawcett Columbine, 1984), p.121.

In a way so accepted and so subtle as to be unnoticed even by its practitioners and recipients, males in couples will often literally push a woman everywhere she is to go — the arm from behind, steering around corners, through doorways, into elevators, onto escalators … crossing the street. It is not necessarily heavy and pushy or physical in an ugly way; it is light and gentle but firm, in the way of the most confident equestrians with the best-trained horses. — Nancy Henley, Body Politics

In describing the past, historians do not include pleasures, only powers or lack of power. — Marilyn French, Beyond Power

…[M]en tend to give you a speech, whereas women will ask a question and then listen to the answer and make another contribution to the dialogue. — Phil Donahue

Shhh, Norman is working.

Regardless of a woman’s reasons for seeking an abortion, her right to kill a fetus is based on her primary right of privacy to be free from intrusions of her body and liberty by other private parties. This principle would be immediately apparent if a born person were to do to another born person the equivalent of what a fetus does to a woman, even in a medically normal pregnancy. — Eileen L. McDonagh, Breaking the Abortion Deadlock

For men sports provide a king of state religion, something they can care about and share in a way which reaffirms the most basic component of their identity… — Marc Feigen Fasteau, The Male Machine

American foreign policy is almost never analyzed in terms of the psychology of its makers. … because the men who make the policy and analyze it are often uncomfortable with and ill-equipped to understand the role that their personal feelings and values play in decisions of the state. As a result, men tend to be not only unwilling to focus on the role that their own psychology plays in their decisions but also only dimly aware that they have distinct psychological biases. — Marc Feigen Fasteau, The Male Machine

We live under an apartheid of sex. At birth we are cast into a sex type based on our genitals. From then on we are brainwashed into a sex-type-appropriate culture called gender. — Martine Rothblatt, The Apartheid of Sex

Think what it is to be a boy, to grow up to manhood in the belief that without any merit or any exertion of his own, thought he may be the most frivolous and empty or the most ignorant and stolid of mankind, by the mere fact of being born a male he is by right the superior of all and every one of an entire half of the human race… — John Stuart Mill

Annie, you’re not looking at me!

The language of men’s entitlements and privilege–“I should get to go anywhere I want! I should never be prevented from entering a space!” is overtly rapist speech. – Julian Real, A Radical Profeminist

Anti-abortion crusaders are more concerned with the rights of the unborn than with the rights–including the right to life–of the living.  Abortion opponents actually champion the unborn at the expense of the pregnant woman and their other living children.  Anti-abortionists do not demand that the state invade a man’s body against his will for the sake of his living child–who may, for example, die without his father’s kidney, lung, or bone marrow. – Phyllis Chesler, Letters to a Young Feminist (p.96)

The burden is always on women to come up with those ideas on what men can do differently. As if men can’t ever figure this out for themselves. Men, if white especially, are allegedly brilliant–sometimes intellectual geniuses, and yet not a one has figured out how to unravel the ravages of patriarchal atrocity. – Julian Real, A Radical Profeminist


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