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from Dale Spender’s Nattering on the Net  — quotes and notes

According to 19th C feminist scholar Matilda Joslyn Gage, 9 million women were executed or burned for having knowledge—i.e., for being witches (p163)

Wow.  Did not know it was that many.

“Had women ever  contributed to the design of roads and vehicles, there is no doubt that the entire system would look very different.  The …

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Out with the literary canon?

I used to think that ‘Out with the literary canon altogether’ was going too far, but now …  Name one work conventionally considered part of the traditional literary canon that does not subordinate women—their existence, their presence, their importance, what they say, what they do …

And so by continuing to grant the work such …

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Male privilege

Excerpts from

“After returning to teaching, I started to receive very little, if any, pushback when I said no. This was especially the case with students. Within academia, it is not an uncommon belief that students make more requests (for grade changes, deadline extensions, and so on) of female-presenting professors. In my case, requests …

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Educating Women to Reduce Over-population. Right. They’re the problem.

So the other day I came across, yet again, mention of the idea that educating women would reduce over-population. (Right. They’re the problem.)  I find that questionable.

If education makes the difference, then why aren’t we educating the men as well?  And if the men are already educated, then clearly education isn’t the solution: they’re …

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Sexism and Teaching: The Elephant in the Room

Back in 1996, I was fortunate enough to get a job teaching a few courses at a university: several sections of a non-credit remedial English language course, a section of critical thinking, and various applied ethics courses.  At the end of the second year, I was notified by the Dean that my student evaluations for …

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