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Where did all the good guys go?

Sometimes I feel like I haven’t grown up at all.  I didn’t get married; I didn’t have kids; I didn’t fall into any kind of career path.  Basically, I’m still doing what I did in my twenties: reading, writing, thinking, listening to music, and running/walking through the forest.  In short, my passions haven’t changed.

But …

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Macho Music for the Mensa Crowd

Music and men has always been an iffy combination.  If it involves banging on things and making a lot of noise, well, that’s definitely male, on both counts, so being a drummer is okay.  And if it involves plugging something in – that ultimate test which separates the men from, well, from the women – …

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Here Comes the Bride, by Chris Wind – CHECK IT OUT!!

Check out Chris Wind’s audio collage, “Here Comes the Bride”!

Some other really good pieces on the same album!!