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South Carolina’s Women’s Basketball Coach …

And another one!

After asking for preferred gender pronouns …

And another good one:


Men’s Studies Modified, Dale Spender, ed. (1981) – quotes and notes

“Adrienne Rich (1979) [commented that] objectivity is the name we give to male subjectivity.” Introduction, p5

“Anna Bexall (1980) [ has suggested that] males have a great emotional investment in objectivity.”  Introduction, p5

“… the ways we have been ‘protected’ from obscenity, yet made the object of much of it.” from “A …

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A Law of Her Own: The Reasonable Woman as a Measure of Man, Caroline A. Forell and Donna M. Matthews

Well worth the read.  Some quotes and notes …

“Because law is based on male experience, it ‘understands’ men.  Thus, courts apply male values to conclude that sexual and sexist workplace conduct is merely annoying, that fear of a stalker is unjustified, and that sex against a woman’s will is seduction.” (p3)

“Men’s physiology defines …

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Wonderful collection of second-wave feminist publications

Wonderful collection of ’60s and ’70s feminist publications (journals, magazines, zines)!

“Just take them and leave me alone” – powerful image by Raoof Haghighi

The Collected Apologies of Lawrence H. Summers, President of Harvard

great list by Laurence Hughes on McSweeney’s here:

“The reason why men tell women to smile.”

Great post and comments here:

“The Fragile Male” – interesting reading


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