Fierce collection of feminist poetry

From one of our readers:

Amy Jean’s fierce, new collection of poetry Side Steps: Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2 Some Things are Black and White peels back the ramifications of living in a male-dominated world. Her feminist poems release her anger and sadness at the chains that restrict her and other women. She realizes that our society is entrenched in a mindset that blinds us to the repression of women, but she encourages the reader to wake up. Her deeply personal poems lay bare her personal trials, tribulations, and observations in a spirited rhythmic style.

She explores how traditions and gender roles keep women from discovering their worth. The poem “Say It Isn’t So” powerfully illustrates that women should not be suppressed. Instead, women should live free of fear, free to be loved, free to be their own boss, and free to speak their own mind. Throughout the book, Amy reconstructs her life bit by bit as she searches for an authentic life free of restraints, greed, and jealousy. Readers embark on a literary journey of emotional highs and lows.

Attached is a copy of the press release. If you would like more information, a review copy, or would like to speak to the author about her book or discuss women’s issues, divisive issues, and her religious devotion, please contact me at either or 914-575-8736.

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