from Lessons in Chemistry, Bonnie Garmus

Just read this first novel by Bonnie Garmus. It’s great! Unapologetically feminist and funny! Here are some of my favourite lines (not counting Six-Thirty’s quips about German Shepherds):

“Idiots make it into every company. Then tend to interview well.” (p111)

And the bit about Dr. Spock (p144) and the bit ending with “Never seen a grown man run so fast.” (p145)

“They either wanted to control her, touch her, dominate her, silence her, correct her, or tell her what to do.” (p237)

“She shook her head in wonder. She had no idea why men believed women found male genitalia impressive or scary.” (p275)

“Sometimes I think … that if a man were to spend a day being a woman in America, he wouldn’t make it past noon.” (p323)

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