The Hook-Up (a very short screenplay)



Crowded bar scene.  MAN and WOMAN do the standard flirting thing, he buys her a drink, they dance, then exit.  Their dialogue isn’t important — the bar’s too loud for us to hear much anyway.  But it’s clear that both are willing to engage in the sex that follows.



They enter her apartment and move through it toward the bedroom, happily and heatedly, kissing, touching, and unbuttoning each other on the way.



They are on the bed, then in the bed, which has a nightstand right beside it, then while intercourse is clearly occurring —

WOMAN: So, do you want a girl or a boy?

He stops mid-thrust.

MAN: What?

He pulls out.  Grimaces at his limpness.

WOMAN: Well, you aren’t using any contraception, so it stands to reason you want a child.  I mean, you must know that —

(she gestures vaguely)

MAN: (rolling off her; things are clearly over) Of course I know — No, I don’t want a kid —

He’s up and dressing.

MAN (CONT’D): I assumed you were —

WOMAN: Pretty important thing to just take for granted, isn’t it?

MAN: (his anger increasing) What is this, some sort of trap?

WOMAN: Not at all.  I’m okay with it. I mean, I’ll charge for incubation services, $50,000 is about standard, and then I’ll give you the kid, no strings —

MAN: I don’t want a kid!

WOMAN: Then why —

MAN: Because you’re the one who gets pregnant!

WOMAN: I realize that.  And as I said, I’m okay with it.  If you’re the one not okay with it, if you’re the one who doesn’t want this to be reproductive sex, then you’re the one who should be using contraception.

He says nothing as he continues to dress.

WOMAN (CONT’D): Are you usually this adept at separating cause and effect?  At not looking at the consequences of your actions?

He reaches for his jacket.

WOMAN (CONT’D): I mean, if you and a friend do a B & E together and he’s the only one who gets caught, you’re okay with that?  You’d really not consider yourself equally responsible?

MAN: (quite angry now) I’d consider myself lucky.  Bitch!

He strides out of the bedroom.

WOMAN: (cheerily) I’ll call you!

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