Marianne LeNabat on Abortion

“Nowhere in Alito’s entire decision would you ever get a glimmer of why women actually seek out abortion.”

“That abortion happens later for one of two reasons: because of how difficult it is, geographically and financially, to access abortion sooner. Or because severe and often life-inhibiting abnormalities can only be reliably detected later. We are all still searhcing for the woman who just changed her mind about beign pregnant in hthe third trimester.” 🙂

“The ‘sanctity of life’ that is upheld by abortion opponents is unrecognisable in any other milieu. … There is no restriction against allowing a family member to die when they could artifically be kept alive. Physicians have no obligation to provide care to people who are not their patients, say at the scene of an accident. There is no obligation to donate much-needed organs or marrow or plasma to those who need them to survive. Medical decisions, like public policy are in no way guided by the notion that life must be preserved and prolonged and maximizsed at all costs, or even ats some kind of pirority over liberty and whatever else.”

from “Dobbs, Reality, and the ‘Moral Question’ of Abortion,” Marianne LeNabat, in The Philosophers’ Magazine 97

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