Misogyny: a clear case of projection

Misogyny is a simple and clear case of psychological projection, a defence mechanism whereby one denies the existence of a quality in oneself and instead attributes it to the other—’it’s not me, it’s you’.  Men hate that they want us, that their thought, their behavior, is so overwhelmingly and relentlessly occupied with wanting us.  Instead of identifying themselves as the source of the sexual attraction (the problem—they are sexually attracted), they identify women as the source (the problem—they are sexually attracting).  And so they hate us, they hurt and kill us.  When the rational thing would be to hate themselves, hurt and kill themselves.  Actually, no, the rational thing would be to simply take the drugs that reduce their desire so it’s not overwhelming and relentless. 

And what do they do instead?  Take drugs that increase their desire.  (Who was it who said they were the rational ones?)  Because the greater their sexual desire, the more manly they are.  But the greater their sexual desire, the more they hate us.  So, the more manly they are, the more they hate us.  Despite the faulty logic, that rings true: only wusses actually like women.  That is to say, it accurately reflects the psychopathic notion of manliness.  (And that would be another rational thing to do: reject the notion of manliness.)

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