“Office Help”

You can tell, when a job ad is titled that way, that they expect, or want, a woman.  Women help.  They don’t actually do a job, they just help someone else do a job.  So the someone else gets the credit.  And the big bucks and the benefits.  After all, you’re just helping out, you’re just doing a favor.  Because you’re nice.  That’s what women are.  You don’t see “Maintenance Help” or “Engineering Help” ads.

Another give-away is when the job’s for something like “10:00 to 2:00”.  A man wouldn’t take a part-time job.  They need a full-time job.  Even if they haven’t made a couple kids they now need to support.   (Do I get paid more to support my choices?  Don’t think so.)

And they’ll get it too.  The full-time job.  Men are good at talking about their needs.  Because having needs makes you important if you’re a man.  (If you’re a woman, needing something makes you weak, dependent.)

(‘Course everything makes you weak if you’re a woman.  Even ethics.  It’s called ‘sentiment’.  In a man, it’s called ‘integrity’.)


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