On Being “Good for somethin’!” (or On Being Fuckable)

So I was talking to a guy yesterday and happened to tell him my “Nice to see you’re good for somethin’!” story: one day while I was picking up all the garbage on the sides of the gravel/dirt road I walk on every day (it’s something I do twice a year, picking up after the hunters in Spring and again in the Fall once all the summer people have left), some guy in a pick-up truck slowed and called out to me, “Nice to see you’re good for something!”

‘Pretty homophobic,’ the guy commiserated.

‘No, misogynistic,’ I replied.  I’d thought the guy in the pick-up had implied that women were just good for cleaning up, especially cleaning up after men.

But then the guy explained what he thought the guy in the pick-up had been thinking.  I was stunned.  It had never occurred to me.

If I am a lesbian, then I’m not fuckable.  So I’m not good for anything.

(Which implies the guy in the pick-up thinks that women are only good for fucking.  If you’re not fuckable, what good are you?)

(Men, you wonder why so many of us come to hate you?)


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