Picard … Seriously?

So I watched Star Trek: Picard, wherein he saves the day, and the future, for the creation of synthetic life.  A surprising move for someone so … intelligent.

With respect to the creation of organic life …

1. We have not been able to control how many we create.  Our planet can comfortably sustain 2-3 billion people (‘comfortably’ defined as the current European standard of living) (which is about 40% lower than the current hoggish American standard).   To date, there are 7.8 billion organic life forms in existence.  And we’re adding (that’s net gain) 150 per minute.  

2. Men often force women to create organic life (by raping them, when they aren’t using, often because they don’t have access to, effective contraception).  Although statistics show that one-quarter (United States) to two-thirds (Africa) of all women are raped,  we really don’t know how often this forced reproduction occurs because, apparently, it’s no big deal.

3. Men (primarily) also often force women to be incubators for organic life forms (by prohibiting abortion). 

4. Once organic life is born, men (primarily) have been woefully irresponsible toward it, abandoning it in one way or another (financially, emotionally) or, worse, hurting it (up to 93% are beaten, and over a million are raped each year). 

So, Jean-Luc, what is it that makes you think ‘we’ will be any more responsible when creating synthetic life?

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