So much time advocating heterosexual marriage

There’s a reason we devote so much time to getting little girls invested in the idea of heterosexual marriage.

Imagine if we told them that there is a single life choice that will:

-shorten their life expectancy

-lower their earning power

-immediately increase their household labor

-erode their mental health and make them less happy

-cause their libido to decline, and mean that they have fewer orgasms

-weaken relationships with family and friends

-increase their risk of abuse and violence

-increase their risk of depression, anxiety, and trauma

That choice is marriage.

Marriage is a great deal for heterosexual men. They earn more, have more leisure time, live longer, become healthier. Heterosexual women sacrifice their quality of life, their well-being, and their very lives at the altar of men’s happiness.

That’s not an opinion. There is an avalanche of scientific data showing that marriage is bad for women and great for men.

That’s why we have to indoctrinate little girls from a young age. Because the objective material circumstances of marriage are not something most women would willingly choose.

Not all marriages are like this, of course. It is possible to have an egalitarian, joyful marriage. And we must emphasize this fact. We must emphasize that men do not inevitably force women to carry an unfair load of work. This is not inevitable. It is a choice. Men make the choice to buy their leisure, their time, their happiness and well-being on the backs of women they claim to love. We tell women to accept this, that it’s normal, that he’s a good guy as long as he doesn’t beat her.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Household inequity is a form of abuse with real and long-lasting consequences for women’s well-being.

Not all men are this way. Not all marriages are this way. None of them have to be.

Demand better. And stop telling girls to look forward to marriage. They probably shouldn’t.

Give them tools and books and crafts, not princesses and fairytales.


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