Who should pay for housework?

“In strict economic terms, the almighty free market theoretically considers the work of women in the home to be without value, to be worthless.  It is recognized nowhere in the free market economic model” (The High Road, Terry Fallis).

Also true for the work of men in (and around) the home.

But I would not want to have to pay (via my tax dollars) other women for doing their housework.  Just as I would not want to pay men for their incessant puttering around (my god, one of my retired neighbours has, so far, built five little sheds on his property; it’s bad enough that I’ve had to hear every single cut made by his power saw, every single screw inserted with his power drill … you want me to PAY him for it as well?

The problem is that women do so much more of the work, especially if they have kids.  So the solution is for the household members to come up an equitable arrangement.  Or for the man to pay the woman to be cook and maid and childcare worker and the woman to pay the man for car repair and lawn services.  Or whatever.

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