“What would I be …”

“What would I be if I didn’t live in a world that hated women?”  Jessica Valenti, Sex Object

Language Matters

Compare ‘So he fucked her and now she’s knocked up’ with ‘So he made her pregnant and now they’re saying it’s his fault’.

things we — women — wouldn’t have without feminism


Sad to say, I’ll bet some will surprise you.

Comedian Leo Kearse on Finnish Trans Figure Skater

I especially liked the newborn giraffe comment.

(And of course the astute ‘equality’ argument and the point about who was ousted when he was chosen for inclusion, which to my mind, fully justifies the mockery.)

“Fixed” – recommended for men

I almost stopped watching this movie because ‘men are selfish stupid dicks’ is so very tiresome, but the women at the dinner scene (about 20 minutes in) made me keep watching. 

Even so, men.  I can’t believe how clueless they are.  Do they really not know the difference between a vasectomy and castration?  Do they really think it’s their orgasm that causes pregnancy and not the presence of even the tiniest bit of seminal fluid?  Do they really not know that childbirth causes severe, often permanent, injury?  Do they think women’s screams are just … hysterical?  Exaggeration?  (I swear, every thirteen-year-old should have to watch a film of childbirth.  ‘Oh but that’ll ruin sex for me; every time I even think of having sex, I’ll think of that.’  Duh.) 

So. Recommended viewing for men. (Free on Plex.)


Watched The Mad Whale yesterday. The description was something like ‘Lunatics at a women’s asylum put on a performance of Moby Dick‘. I was hoping to see an expose of historical treatment of women vis-a-vis madness and was not disappointed. But I was delighted, further, to see a couple other unexpected (shame on me!) exposes and some female heroism. (It’s free on Plex.)

aurora linnea on Ekman’s “On the Meaning of Sex”

An excellent review of an excellent book here.

And because a link isn’t anywhere near sufficient …

On the Meaning of Sex reads like a forensic dissection, its forty concise chapters taking apart the corpus of transgender ideology piece by piece. No fallacy-wrapped riddle of a paradox is spared the nick of Ekman’s scalpel as she slits open all the standard trans talking points to point out the lethal flaws ulcerating their logic. The supposedly “progressive” return to retrograde Barbie-vs.-G.I. Joe sex-role stereotypes. “Overcoming” the gender binary through the reinforcement of a binary, dualistic gender system, the entrenchment of masculinity and femininity as the mainstays of human selfhood. The redefinition of biological reality (sex) as a “social construct” and of a social construct (gender) as a naturally occurring “reality.” Expunging essentialism by establishing gender as an “essence” emergent from one’s pink or blue brain. “Believing the science” of the scientifically unsubstantiated pink/blue brain theory. Individuality through conformity, corralling the “incongruent” individual into alignment with social norms. Being your True Self by changing yourself, by imitating others, trying to become something you are not. Self-acceptance through the rejection of your own body. Self-care through the infliction of self-harm through breast-binding or chronic-pain-inducing elective surgeries. Authenticity through artifice. Diversity through manufactured sameness. Transforming an oppressive culture by preserving that culture’s most foundational structures. Rebellion through compliance. Inclusivity through exclusion. Tolerance through violent threats against dissenters. Smashing patriarchy by re-centering men and demonizing women, courtesy of a “feminism” that prioritizes male feelings and desires. The lionization of men who pretend to be women by presenting themselves as caricatures of pornified, infantilized femininity, while white people who pretend to be black are condemned—and the slightest equivalency between the two practices is furiously denied. The “cis privilege” of women and girls to endure systematic birth-to-death, sex-based disenfranchisement, exploitation, and abuse. And then there is the refrain that echoes through our aching skulls: “Trans women” are women! Yes, “trans women” are exactly like other women in every single way, but also they must be acknowledged specifically, because to lump them in with other women would be to ignore their unique “marginality.” Men who say they are women are like other women in every single way, except more deserving of attention. They are also more womanly than “cis” women could ever dream of being, and more oppressed under patriarchy. But even these claims will be upended by the time we lurch, heads spinning, to the final analysis, when it is concluded that women do not, in any meaningful way, actually exist.” 

Homophobia – great quote

“Homophobia is not actually straight men being afraid of gay men. It’s straight men afraid of any man treating them like they treat a woman.” quoted in Manifest: Transitional Wisdom on Male Privilege as a viral cartoon

Well-put, Charlotte Knowles

“Women need to recognize that their husband refusing to do any childcare, cleaning, or cooking is not just a result of ‘cultural differences’, it’s a result of him being an arsehole.”

“Living the Life of the Mind: General Strike? What About a Gendered Strike!?” Charlotte Knowles, The Philosophers’ Magazine 98 (2022)

MacKinnon on free speech – so very astute

“The free speech of men silences the free speech of women.”

from Feminism Unmodified (1987)

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