“All Men Need their Whores” Davina Squirrel

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Catharine MacKinnon on words and images …

“Words and images are how people are placed in hierarchies, how social stratification is made to seem inevitable and right, how feelings of inferiority and superiority are engendered, and how indifference to violence against those on the bottom is rationalized and normalized.” Only Words, p.31

The ReGender App – review copies available!

What if there was an app that could cloak you in a cross-gendered hologram?  And it had a voice modulation module?  Women could present as men and get better-paying jobs.  Men could present as women and get groped in the subway.  Cool.

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Proof of Sexism

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Men have no idea how hard daily life is for women.  Women have no idea how hard daily life is for them either because they don’t know how easy it is for men.  Everyone should reverse for a week.  At least online.  If you’re male, use a female name; and if you’re female, use a male name.  See what happens. 

What we say is very telling

Gender Fraud: a fiction – new novel – review copies available!

I hope that ‘gender recognition’ legislation, which reveals a failure to differentiate between sex and gender and, with respect to sex, a denial of the definitive role of chromosomes, will soon be repealed.

I fear that this horror story will take its place.

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Men are Not Broken by IceMountainFire

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Excellent piece re PIV

Well worth the read.


It’s not poverty, stupid.

Poverty is not the cause of crime. Because even when men have enough, they steal more, kill for more.

(Think of all those rich white CEOs running our planet, managing the banks, the oil companies, the logging companies …)

(And given that well over 90% of crime is committed by men, well, the cause should be obvious: maleness and/or masculinity.)

Brilliant Sarkeesian

“In the game of patriarchy, women are not the opposing team. They’re the ball.” Anita Sarkeesian