A Little Less Evolved

Sometimes I wonder whether men have a defective chromosome: the Y was supposed to be an X, but somehow it ended up missing something – a case of stunted growth, or arrested development.  This defective chromosome, uniquely characteristic of the human male, causes them to be a little lower on the evolutionary scale, a little less evolved.

Consider their fascination with movement.  They always have to be doing something, moving around, busy at this or that.  They can’t sit still.  This importance of movement is characteristic of many lower animals; something doesn’t even register in the frog’s visual field unless it moves.  Certainly movement is required for flight and fight.  (And no other options occur to lower animals.)  And for many, movement is a form of posturing – which explains the way men walk, and stand, and sit.  On the other hand, such excessive physical activity may simply suggest that the organism’s mental activity does not provide enough stimulation.

Not only must they be doing something, they must be doing it loudly.  They even speak more loudly than women.  And when they’re not speaking, they must be making noise.  They derive endless delight from engines, jackhammers, chainsaws…  This propensity is suggestive of the lion’s roar – the louder the noise, the greater the threat.

Because, usually, the larger the animal.  And of course size is another male obsession.  Girth which in a woman would be considered obese and disgusting is carried by men as if it increases their legitimacy, their authority: they thrust out their gut just as they thrust out their chest.  It brings to mind animals that inflate themselves to achieve greater size (the balloonfish can actually double its size).  Men are concerned not only with physical size, in general and in particular, but also with the size of their paycheques, their houses, their corporations.  The bigger, the better.

Closely related to the size thing is the territory thing.  Men occupy a lot of space – again, look at the way they stand and sit.  They take up, they occupy, more space than they need – they lean on counters, sprawl on chairs, take over small countries.  They engage in turf wars, at every level.

Consider also men’s obsession with speed.  Cars, trains, planes.  Sex.  Speed is, of course, important for flight, one of the forementioned behaviours favoured by so many lower animals.

Like their sexual response, men’s emotional response is, well, uncomplicated.  They are easy to please.  This lack of complexity is further indication that they are simply less evolved.

Some say that language is the mark of higher life forms.  And, of course, any grade school teacher will tell you that boys lag behind girls in verbal development.  They’re just not very good at communicating.  I believe the word I’m looking for is  ‘inarticulate.’

By way of summary, consider dick flicks.  Also called action movies, there is indeed lots of action.  And lots of noise.  The heroes are usually big.  And they have big things – big guns, usually.  The central conflict of a dick flick is almost always territorial.  There is little in the way of plot or character development, but there’s always at least one high-speed chase scene.  And, understandably, the dialogue in a dick flick consists mostly of short and often incomplete sentences.


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