Bragging about being beaten

A while ago, I saw a post by a woman bragging about her bruises … (should’ve saved the link, but I was just so … appalled …)

In 1976, Women Against Violence Against women (WAVAW) protested and got the Stones’ billboard taken down (it showed a woman bound and bruised saying ‘I’m ‘”Black and Blue” from The Rolling Stones—and I love it!’  In 1978, feminists protested the June issue of Huster that had on the cover a naked woman being shoved head first into a meat grinder, and extruded at the other end as raw hamburger 9it was called the ‘all-meat’ issue).  We fought against men beating up women and how you’re saying you like being beaten?  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Have you no brain?

And to all of you wanna-be porn stars, have you not read Linda Marchiano’s autobiography?


    • J on October 26, 2020 at 5:15 am

    Hi, my name is J, and I am an ex professional Dominatrix, and I was, many moons ago, very very into being a “submissive,” and having violent, bruise-inducing experiences with Dominant men; aka “Masters.” I used to be just like that woman; I can’t believe I’m actually writing this; it seems like many lifetimes ago. I’m happy to say that I have not sought out some sick, misogynistic asshole to have s&m sessions with, or worked in that business for almost 3 years. I made an incredible living in that business for over a decade, but in the end, my mental health had suffered immensely, and my narcotics abuse was through the roof. I was hooked on a particularly addictive, soul crushing substance several years ago, and did things I don’t care to want to remember to make quick money to get the stuff, and I had felt so guilty about screwing up my life, that I felt I deserved to be punished. I went out one night, and met this big, muscular, tough looking guy. He had the look I wanted. Pretty soon, (the next day), he took me out to lunch and pressured me pretty hard to go home with him; I wasn’t ready, but he was incredibly domineering, manipulative, and, all I can say is that I’m lucky to be on this Earth right now. He almost ended my life a few times before I had the strength to leave him. He was also an alcoholic One night at my place, we had a tiny disagreement and he put me in a chokehold and I was not able to get out. The more I tried to get out, the harder he squeezed y neck. I finally got loose and ran for my door… he grabbed me and pulled me in my apt. He said how sorry he was and all that crap. Well other things happened later on which were horrendous. My ex (not the violent guy) wanted to help me get away from him and save my life do he introduced me to a very attractive fried if his. He partied, and we had SO much fun for a year and a half. He had money, a gorgeous place, was street & book smart & my dream guy! Down the road, unspeakable things started happening. I trusted him telling him I was a rape/domestic violence/and sexual harassment survivor (when I took a job at 18 , the assistant manager came downstairs and took out his penis for me to perform fellatio on him. Instead, I called my female manager and she believed me and had him fired). Anyways, things were going great with this new guy, no more s&m. (He wasn’t into it), but said he’d do it for real if he had to. I found out he had a rep for being violent, but I thought to myself “do what, he’ll never hurt me.” Oh how wrong I was. He strangled me three times, physically attacked me and almost broke my hands, threatened my life, gaslighted me, He always had tv on with women screaming and violence when I told him I hated it. He didn’t care. I had moved in with him because my old neighborhood was where I got hooked on that substance snd I had a reputation, all the dealers knew me, etc. It was located in a very bad part of town where I lived too. Shootings, murders, etc. I was afraid to go back, but I felt like one day this psycho would flip and kill me too! I’m still living with him and don’t know what to do next. This corona virus isn’t helping one bit. I feel really trapped and afraid. Any advice would be helpful. I’ve had a tough life, but do not want to give up. This guy is sexist, has no empathy for women’s issues, told me when he met me he didn’t beat women (lies), he is soooo abusive to me on a daily basis. I’m going crazy!

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