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Eggs and Chicken and Abortion

(thanks to Dead Wild Roses

“If you can’t trust me with a choice …

how can you trust me with a child?”

brilliant bumper sticker from The Onion

Dawkins (and Monty Python) on the ‘human potential’ argument against abortion

“[T]he logical conclusion to the ‘human potential’ argument [against abortion] is that we potentially deprive a human soul of the gift of existence every time we fail to seize any opportunity for sexual intercourse.  Every refusal of any offer of copulation by a fertile individual is, by this dopey ‘pro-life’ logic, tantamount to the murder …

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A(nother) reason for abortion

“She .. had three abortions, because the men did not seem to her to be originally enough minted from the human stock to make their progeny worthwhile.”  Doris Lessing, Shikasta

We should keep that reason in mind next time  asked to justify an abortion.

Policing the Womb, Michele Goodwin


A few quotes and notes:

“… pregnancy as a proxy for punishment …” (p.x)

But only for the women, even though the men are mostly responsible for causing the pregnancy (males have 100% control over ejaculation in a vagina; females have no control over whatsoever over ovulation and very seldom force a man to …

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Marianne LeNabat on Abortion

“Nowhere in Alito’s entire decision would you ever get a glimmer of why women actually seek out abortion.”

“That abortion happens later for one of two reasons: because of how difficult it is, geographically and financially, to access abortion sooner. Or because severe and often life-inhibiting abnormalities can only be reliably detected later. We are …

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A great idea from Jodi Taylor

“Helen and I watched a short film about childbirth and it was so gruesome we had to turn it off.  She had a stiff drink, I had a cup of tea, and we swore we’d never have sex again.” Jodi Taylor, The Long and Short of It (p181)

But yes!  That should be mandatory …

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excerpts from MacKinnon’s Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws

I’ve just finished reading yet another MacKinnon book, Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws, and as usual, it’s absolutely brilliant. The book is well worth a complete read; I paste below some perfect gems.

(My used copy is marked DISCARD by the Porter County Library system. In itself, telling. Sigh.)

Reading this now.  It’s heavy-going, but well …

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God and abortion

The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice – God and Embryos

Women have fewer rights than a corpse

Thanks to

Dear Forced Birth Advocates…

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