How to be Successful without Hurting Men’s Feelings, Sarah Cooper

A light fun read with a few great punches:

– re the perfect voice pitch for women … too high and you’re shrill, too low and you’re gruff, just right “not yet achieved by any woman”

– chap 2 – lots of ‘When a man says X, it’s Y, but when a woman says X, it’s Z’

– “Try to keep your pregnancy a secret until your child is at least eighteen years of age.”

– How to say ‘yes’: I’d love to!  How to say ‘no’: Sure.

– the illustration on p99 is excellent (about getting interrupted – how to respond in a threatening way, and in a non-threatening way)

– chap 7 – really insightful – and I wonder how did men get so good at that?  esp if they’re supposedly so bad at communication?  Ah.  They’re bad at speaking the truth, but good at manipulation because they’ve been steeped in that culture all their lives.  So it’s not like they’re applying all the strategies they learned in The Art of War; it’s probably unconscious—they’re just saying the shit that all the guys they know and hang around with say.

– another great chapter (Men’s Achievement Stickers)

– and finally, p187: a comparison between a toddler and a CEO – I love it!

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