A sexy pout??

So I read the phrase “a sexy pout” and realized yes! That’s what that look is, when women thrust out their lips and look so sad. They’re pouting. And they do it to look sexy. Wait, what?

Why is a pout sexy?  Children pout.  So if a pout is sexy, that means that men are sexually aroused by children.  Well, we know that, I guess.

Is it hard-wired? Well, that wouldn’t make evolutionary sense. It doesn’t ‘contribute to reproductive sex’ to ejaculate into a female child; she can’t get pregnant.

Is it because sex is all about conquest for men, and children are easily conquered?

And, but, why is sex all about conquest? Why is ‘power over’ sexually arousing? Is that hard-wired? Or socially conditioned?

Whatever, women who pout to be sexy are encouraging child abuse. So just stop it.

And men? Oh, what’s the point. They won’t listen. They don’t care. They’ll just carry on hurting children.


    • Vrogue on October 22, 2021 at 7:58 pm

    “Why is a pout sexy? Children pout. So if a pout is sexy, that means that men are sexually aroused by children.”

    Holy shit that was a hell of a leap.

    Whole post is proof that if you only think about it for 2 minutes, or if you think too much but only in your head in a way detached from heart and life, then indeed men do seem evil.

    • ptittle on October 23, 2021 at 8:54 am

    Actually, it’s not a leap. But okay, what’s YOUR explanation? Why do men find pouts sexy?

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