Rape: a men’s issue

Men are the ones who rape, so why is rape a women’s issue?  Because men see nothing wrong with rape. 

Men: the sooner you recognize this, the sooner you’ll see rape as a men’s issue.


    • Jenn on October 27, 2020 at 6:39 am

    I am a rape survivor/victim. The heinous crime of rape will never end until MEN decide to STOP RAPING. Until then, they can try to blame victims like myself, while taking zero responsibility for their horrendous, cowardly, hateful actions. It is NEVER the victim’s fault. The patriarchy tries here and there to brainwash women to have “rape fantasies,” and think it’s perfectly fine. Acting them out in real life will not be so terrible either. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are men out there who will agree to act out a rape scene with a woman, then choose to ignore call of the previously agreed upon “safe words.” Acting out dangerous, violent “scenes” like that is never, ever guaranteed to turn out the way the woman “fantasizes” it to. The sex offender registry is full of MEN who are sooo out of control sexually, sooo stupid, horny, desperate, and dumb that they will molest, rape, commit statuatory rape, sexually assault, etc., knowing damn well that they’ll probably get caught and all of their private info will be available for the world to see online, and they shall also go to prison as punishment. Most convicts detest and despise fellow inmates who are guilty of sex crimes. No doubt they’ll get hurt in prison (I’m glad)! This happens ALL because the stupid, perverted, dumb rapist (makes a conscious decision to)”think with his his little head instead of his proper one!” Us WOMEN surely do not have that problem, not. One. Bit. And the patriarchy tries to say that us women are the weaker sex!! Haha!! (Hilarious)!!

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