Speaking Up

Women’s problem is that they never speak up. They never ask for what they want. Well, if you don’t tell people what you want, how do you expect to get it? Are they supposed to read your mind? You’ll spend your whole life waiting for someone to offer you, to invite you to, whatever it is. I know.

Men’s problem is that they do tell people what they want. Because they expect others to give it to them. And the mere expectation — you’ve heard of ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’?


  1. To me, women like you, are frauds who shroud their bias (actually hate) under a vail of feminists/sexists nonsense.

    I offer these two examples to prove my point.

    On the bell curve of attractiveness for women, at one end of the curve, are the Kate Uptons and Charlize Therons, and for a few unfortunate women, they are at the other end of the attractiveness bell curve. But just because they are at the less attractive end of the bell curve does not give men free license to insult, humiliate, mock and in general make their lives miserable. You don’t see these words like “ugly hags” swipe left in men’s online personal ads, nor is it common practice talked openly in bars and other social gatherings.

    Now, let’s suppose there is a bell curve for men. But instead of attractiveness, we substitute height. At one end of the bell curve are tall men and at the other end are short men. But for some reason women delight in insulting, humiliating, mocking and in general making these men’s lives miserable over something they have no control over. You see height requirements in the majority of women’s online ads. And this height obsession it openly talked about in bars and social gatherings with no regard to any men who may be present. So tell me again miss feminist how women are the fairer sex.

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