Excellent piece re PIV

Well worth the read.


It’s not poverty, stupid.

Poverty is not the cause of crime. Because even when men have enough, they steal more, kill for more.

(Think of all those rich white CEOs running our planet, managing the banks, the oil companies, the logging companies …)

(And given that well over 90% of crime is committed by men, well, the cause should be obvious: maleness and/or masculinity.)

Brilliant Sarkeesian

“In the game of patriarchy, women are not the opposing team. They’re the ball.” Anita Sarkeesian

This is what happens – new feminist novel by chris wind – review copies available

Here’s the blurb:

How is it that the girl who got the top marks in high school ends up, at fifty, scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets for minimum wage, living in a room above Vera’s Hairstyling, in a god-forsaken town called Powassan?  

Feminist theorist Dale Spender wrote, in Women of Ideas and What Men Have Done to Them, “We need to know how patriarchy works.  We need to know how women disappear….”   Indeed we do.  Where are all the straight-A girls from high school?  Why, how, have they ‘disappeared’?  Marriage and kids is an inadequate answer because married-with-kids straight-A boys (of which, let’s acknowledge, there are fewer) are visible.  Everywhere.  Even the straight-B boys are out there. This is what happens responds to Spender’s urgent comment.

Review copies are available; contact chriswind3@gmail.com.

Why are cosmetics routinely sold in pharmacies?

That’s it. That’s my post. Any answers out there?

Brilliant bit from Rageagainstthemanchine

“Not to bring up Robert Jensen every three sentences, but he’s made a point that I find extremely salient when it comes to how porn affects women’s lives. If I have to go to court tomorrow, or I have to go discuss my career with my boss, or I have to work on a project at work or school with men, or I have to deal with a cop, or I have to rely in any way on a man in a position of authority to treat me fairly, shouldn’t it worry me to think he might have been watching a film the night before in which a woman has her head shoved into a toilet while someone uses her like a piece of toilet paper? I know some of you may say that the authority figure in question probably wouldn’t be equating me with the woman he jerked off to the night before, but can someone really suspend their sense of empathy long enough to jerk off to an image like that and then see me as an equal human being the next day? Doubtful. And men get together every day to make decisions that affect women’s lives. Men decide whether to promote women, whether to give them raises, whether to hire them, whether to take their claims of sexual harassment seriously, whether to pass a law that hurts or harms their rights to equal pay for equal work, safe and effective health care, etc. “

Impact – review copies available!

Impact presents an extended confrontation between a sexual assault victim and her assailants, as part of an imagined slightly revised court process, in order to understand why they did what they did and, on that basis, to make a recommendation to the court regarding sentence.  It does not go … as expected.

REVIEW COPIES AVAILABLE. Please inquire: ptittle7@gmail.com

Why more men than women will die of the COVID virus

Why more men than women will die of the COVID virus:

1.  Cleanliness is a girl thing.  Real men don’t wash their hands.  (Certainly not several times a day.)

2. The home is the women’s cave.  So unless it comes with an attached garage, real men aren’t going to stay there all day.  (Certainly not all week, let alone all month …)

3. Many of the public health officials we’re hearing from are women.  Real men don’t listen to women.  They certainly don’t accept their advice. 

4.  Most men think they’re tough, so they figure they’re not going to get it.  (As if toughness, rather than, oh I don’t know, a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and low in beer and cigarettes, has anything to do with immunity to viral infections.)

5.  Most men are pack animals; they naturally herd together.  So they’re finding this whole do-not-congregate thing really hard.

Why more women than men will die of the COVID virus:

1.  The men they’re living with will get angry and frustrated (at whatever) and as a result  kill them.  (Because, you know, it’s their fault.)

Did men invent this?

So I’ve been talking with my friend about the effect on the internet (and computers in general) of the overwhelming male influence (the high percentage of male ITers, coders, what have you) and simultaneously formatting the blog-comments sections of my forthcoming novel Gender Fraud: a fiction and I realize the ‘reply’ design (widgets?) for comments are incredibly not up to the task: a back-and-forth conversation would result in a long horizontal stream which, after just a few exchanges, the replies wold have to be squished into a one-inch column. Better to have incorporated some sort of all-comments-on-a-subthread-are-aligned principle.

Which suggests two questions: Are men in general unaccustomed to extended conversational exchange? Is the ideal conversation for them, the imagined conversation, one in which a reply is a single blow that establishes victory, the end?

The Frightening Cluelessness of PoliSci Students

“I was studying political science at the time, so I had never thought about social processes like misogyny and sexism.”  What?  What?

(from https://narratively.com/i-was-an-angry-mens-rights-activist-now-im-a-fierce-feminist/)