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John Mulaney on Drag Queens

Some excellent lines, for example:

“What is your notion of a woman based on?”

“[re mean and rude drag queens] You could’ve stayed a guy if you were going to be an asshole about it.”

How to be Successful without Hurting Men’s Feelings, Sarah Cooper

A light fun read with a few great punches:

– re the perfect voice pitch for women … too high and you’re shrill, too low and you’re gruff, just right “not yet achieved by any woman”

– chap 2 – lots of ‘When a man says X, it’s Y, but when a woman says X, …

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Leigh Anne Jasheway – brilliant!

I’ve recently discovered the brilliant and hilarious work of Leigh Anne Jasheway.

Her’s a great starting point: “20 Headlines from an Alternate Universe“

But take a look through (ALL OF) her other posts!

Why more men than women will die of the COVID virus

Why more men than women will die of the COVID virus:

1.  Cleanliness is a girl thing.  Real men don’t wash their hands.  (Certainly not several times a day.)

2. The home is the women’s cave.  So unless it comes with an attached garage, real men aren’t going to stay there all day.  (Certainly not …

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Balls, by Jass Richards

Hilarious!  Check it out:

All White Male Panel Topics, Chris Hardie – from McSweeneys

Check it out!

Men Who Go Fishing, Jass Richards

guest post –


Men Who Go Fishing

Jass Richards (


I understand now why men like fishing.

First, there’s the noise of the motor.  Men like noise.  They think they’re the ones making it.  So they think they sound like a lion or a bear.  They think they’re threatening.  Instead of just bloody …

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The Baroness Von Sketch Show – MUST SEE!!

Why Feminist Manuscripts Aren’t Getting Published Today – McSweeney’s List


Women Now Empowered … GREAT ONION PIECE


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