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Sexism and Sports

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Rio 2016 – Sexism Alive and Well with Elizabeth Plank

Proof of Sexism

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Folks, it F*cking Sucked – Sexism in Society

Men have no idea how hard daily life is for women.  Women have no idea how hard daily life is for them either because they don’t know how easy it is for men.  Everyone should reverse for a week.  At least online.  If you’re male, …

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Why more men than women will die of the COVID virus

Why more men than women will die of the COVID virus:

1.  Cleanliness is a girl thing.  Real men don’t wash their hands.  (Certainly not several times a day.)

2. The home is the women’s cave.  So unless it comes with an attached garage, real men aren’t going to stay there all day.  (Certainly not …

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The Portrait, by Chris Wind

The Portrait, by Chris Wind (from Deare Sister)


My dearest Nannerl,

Of course you have a right to be upset about the portrait. After all, you performed right alongside your brother; in fact, your father had the bills printed to read “Two World Wonders.” Two, not one. You were with Wolfgang on the 1762 tour …

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for my brother, a poem by Chris Wind

(for my brother)


with a grunt of irritation

you condescend to be interrupted

and move your chair back a bit

so i can crawl

under your desk

(the one dad built special for you

now that you’re at university)

so i can dust the baseboards

as is my job

(i’ve already done the rest …

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Games for Girls  (Seriously?  In 2012?)

Okay, so I went to bored.com, clicked on Games, then clicked on Girls.

Mostly because I was irritated that there even was a separate section for Girls (and surprised there wasn’t a separate section for Blacks)—alongside Popular, Animations, Stickman, Shooting, Escape, Puzzle, Action, Skill, Walkthru’s, Mobile, and More.  Why do girls need a separate section?  …

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Grey’s Anatomy, Flashpoint, and Who knows how many others

[a little old…guess who finally, finally, got to be Chief of Surgery!]

Why didn’t Bailey get the Chief of Surgery position?

For the same reason Ed jokingly says to Greg, in a Flashpoint episode, when he questions his rank, “Should I get you a dress?”—and they both laugh.

Because in 2012 being a woman is (still) (STILL!) (STILL!) …

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Toller Cranston on Janet Lynn

[obviously written a while ago, but this shit keeps happening…]


Toller Cranston, as Janet Lynn takes the ice: “You wouldn’t know by looking at her that she’s a housewife and mother of three.”


Would he have said of Kurt Browning, “You wouldn’t know by looking at him that he does stuff around the …

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Boy Books

Boy books. You’re thinking The Boys’ Book of Trains and The Hardy Boys, right? I’m thinking most of the books I took in high school English.

Consider Knowles’ A Separate Peace. Separate indeed. It’s set at a boys’ boarding school. The boys are obsessed with jumping out of a tree. This involves considerable risk of …

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You should do something about that.

Imagine a collage of male body parts (of living men, that is — just now their whole selves), each with one of the following captions:

Your legs are too hairy. You should do something about that.

Your hair’s too thin. You should do something about that.

Your butt droops. You should do something about that.

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